XML product feed για το Skroutz

Manufacturer: NorthCom Technologies
XML File Generator . Generates XML File With all the products.
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This Module enables you to connect your online store to the skroutz website.

Its compatibility is only for NopCommerce versions for 3.70, 3.80, 3.90.

Is also available in 2 language English , Greek.

It also provides the opportunity for fashion stores where they feature color and size features.

Choose which product category to export.

It gives you the ability to produce the file at a frequency where you specify it (eg every 2 hours).

Once installed, you should check the following.

Store name from settings / Stores (the name must be of
Specify the cost of transport (if it is the same for all products)
Specify if transfer is free of charge.


Please fill free to download this module from the NopCommerce Download area as you can find here.

When you clicked the download button Registration form required


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