About us


Tsoukalis Giorgos P.C. - Northcom Technologies Pliroforiki is a company that operates in the field of business computerization, in the creation of computer networks, in call centers, in the distribution of office machine consumables, trade and service of computers and multifunctional machines, consumables, cash register systems in combination with integrated office solutions.

The head of the company is Mr. George Tsoukalis with many years of experience and expertise in the field of trade, computerization and technical support.

The company's goal and policy is to offer businesses and individuals, integrated solutions, undertaking and advising with a high level of expertise and professionalism, all stages of implementation of the project undertaken, ensuring the perfect and continuous provision of services, choosing the best quality and price always competitive.Our long experience in the field of business support and the trust that we have shown us for so many years more than 500 companies, individuals and public organizations are the best way to ensure the best possible support for our customers.
More specifically, Tsoukalis Giorgos P.C. - Northcom Technologies Pliroforiki offers computer equipment, programs, peripherals and services, designed to meet the needs of any company, large or small.


Tsoukalis Giorgos P.C. - Northcom Technologies Pliroforiki offers a wide variety of specialized services. The most important of these services are the following:

- Design, installation of call centers 
- Specialized installation crew
- Call center design, engineering, design and installation of call centers 
- Advanced applications (ISDN, VOICE MAIL, AUTO ATTENDANT, etc.)
- Demonstration of call centers
- Maintenance and comprehensive after sales service
- Connection to structured cabling network

Structured cabling
- Network design and installation
- Checking correct operation 
- Network certification
- Connection of PCs to the network SOFTWARE & HARDWARE

Computerization of Enterprises

We carry out computerization study of small, large companies in order to present integrated solutions for the best possible performance and uninterrupted operation of your business.

Due to our excellent expertise we provide the following services:

Study, supply, coordination and organization in the installation of computerization systems

Cash systems

NorthcomTechnologies in cooperation with the largest suppliers in the market offers professionals and businesses integrated solutions that are developed after studying the needs of each company.

More specifically, our experienced and trained staff:
 Studies and develops integrated solutions that meet your actual needs, freeing you from unnecessary costs

Provides advice on the choice of the appropriate logistical equipment

 Advise you on the best solutions to your needs

 Undertakes the future technical support and maintenance of the project and guarantees the proper functioning and upgrading of the equipment sold, by providing an After Sales Service.


Studies-Installation-Maintenance of networks
The services we provide include the design, implementation and support of integrated solutions as well as technical consulting services in IT issues for companies and organizations.
Depending on your business needs, we propose and develop professional networking solutions.
We implement wired and wireless ways of networking your computers and peripherals,
We install and maintain servers
We provide local file transfer capabilities via FTP or other protocols,
While we also provide remote access to the company's main network from anywhere to make it easy to resolve any problems at the lowest possible cost.

Full support after delivery (after sales service).
Upgrade and maintenance services for your existing networks and equipment.

Supply, installation and configuration of accounting programs (ERP, CRM)

Maintenance and support of computer systems

Installation of software and hardware for office automation

Hardware diagnosis and repair or replacement




Trade & Service PC - Laptop

Tsoukalis Giorgos P.C. - Northcom Technologies Pliroforiki provides complete solutions for each customer:

  • hardware sales
  • hardware installation
  • after-sales support
  • product upgrade

Our technicians can answer all your questions and assist you in the design of your application as well as in the selection of the appropriate products always with your interests and security in mind


Officially Authorized Samsung PBX Service Northern Greece
Call Centers

The company's offices are located at 31 Giannitson Street, 54627 Thessaloniki, Greece

Phone: +30 231 231 5155, +30 2310 527 939

Mobile: +30 6947 696300


email: [email protected]