Recurring Notifier Module

Manufacturer: NorthCom Technologies
This plug-in gives you the ability to send your customers, end-of-service notifications, and more.
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If you sell services or products that need repeating at regular intervals, then this module is exactly what you need.

The module gives you the following options.

  • Scheduling which time of day will send the customers a notification.
  • Selection of how many days before the end of the service will be acknowledge the customer.For example  at 30 at 15 and 7 days.
  • Send emails on a day before expiration, the option to choose if they want to refresh or not, by selecting a link that directs them to a specific page to choose, by alerting the page manager.
  • Admin report for maturities as many days as we like. Eg every 7 days to send the end of the next 30 days.
  • It has 3 message Temples that are customizable
    1 For notifications
    2 To order reorder
    3 Administrator report.
  • Fully customizable messages in all languages.

You can try the module free in trial version, the only limitation is the number of notifications 5.


Module is only available for version 3.90



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