Call Management Program (PBX TAPIER)

Manufacturer: NorthCom Technologies
Connect your PBX with Softone. Any PBX that supports TAPI can be interfaced
SKU: NC-SW-002
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Get the most out of your call center with Softone's CRM.



Record actions in Soft1 CRM with one click


Use your time and your staff's time by making fewer moves.


Assign calls and tasks to users indirectly or directly.


View any information that you want during the call.


Color the calls according to your needs.



You can view the product documentation by clicking here.


Plugin Features.


  • Auto popup window during incoming and outgoing call.
  • Call history recording per extension
  • Caller ID from
    • Customers
    • Suppliers
    • Debtors
    • Creditors
    • Contacts
  • Direct number registration to the corresponding Softone entity, customers, suppliers, etc
  • Direct registraton of contact and association with the business partners.
  • Instant entry of CRM action in the order of your choice
  • Automatic recording of calls in the CRM call
  • Direct user assignment with reminder capability
  • Direct order entry
  • Direct entry of an offer (with or without a draft counterparty) in case we want to make an offer to a contact and not to a customer.
  • Direct view of customer's financial record.
  • Direct view of fixed data of a trader.
  • Instant view of pending orders.

For the interface you only need TAPIDrivers, for Asterisk-type call centers there is a special program with a very low cost that does this job (Xtelsio).


When the application is opened for the first time, it will ask you to define which interior the computer you are on belongs to.

**For each computer we also define an internal one.



The next step is to define general parameters that apply generally to the entire application and not per computer.


Window pop up in the lower right part of the screen during the incoming call or during the outgoing call.


Double-clicking on the contact's name opens the call details window where the user can mark, assign, create an action in CRM, since if the number is unknown, he will be able to register it directly to the transaction or a contact.



Example of assigning the call to a user to call back to the phone.

And the user's message on his computer a few seconds later….


Call Log



These are some of the features of the program….

The program is also available in a 30-day trial version, ask your partner to contact us so we can demonstrate it to you.

Special prices for Softones partners.



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